Friday, May 15, 2009


What a lovely day today! I was tagged by Karin from "Kayi Dreaming" for being "awe-summ" Here's 7 things that make me awe-summm:

1. I love eggs.

When I say "love" - I mean full-on crazy in love with them. As long as I can recall, I've loved them - the shape, colors, and of course the taste! When I was studying printmaking, I'd make egg-inspired prints...this makes me wonder why I haven't created any egg designs for munaluna...I should get on that!

2. I have a twin.

Oh yes! This is true - I have a twin brother. I'm glad my twin is a boy - I wouldn't want to be fighting over clothes and anything girly =P Another thing, it puzzles me when people ask me, "Are you two identical?" Look, I'm a girl and he's a're really asking me this?!

3. I'm a perfectionist.

At least when it comes to my work. From start to finish, I have to have things in order and the end results have to be the highest standard. I can't imagine putting something in my shop giving only 50% effort...just doesn't feel right...

4. I'm an innie.

This means I'm an introvert. I bought this book called "The Introvert Challenge: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World" - felt like I was reading my autobiography!!! This book changed my life in the sense that I now have a clearer understanding why I am the way I am.

5. I love to bake.

When I find the time, I bake! Nothing beats a homemade chocolate chip cookie! It's hard to find really good cookies in the market...

6. I'm obsessed with playing Restaurant City on Facebook.

If you've got a Facebook account (which 99.99% of humans do these days) you have to HAVE TO add this game. You run your own restaurant and can hire your friends to cook and wait your tables! Also, you get to collect ingredients to make all kinds of different recipes! This is what I've been busy doing... :o)

7. I'm a cafe-going person.

I love going to cafes. I'm definitely not a bar person - I don't recall actually going to one voluntarily! I think I go to one at least once a week. Nothing beats the smell and taste of good coffee...along with the company of a good friend =)


Karin said...

Your comment about people asking you if you're an identical twin made me laugh out loud! That is so funny.

That book sounds interesting. I'll look out for it. :)

REread said...

yeah eggs are cool ... this is coming from someone who had 2 boiled eggs with slat and Vegemite for dinner... two nights in a row

sarasophia said...

I agree with every single point---except the whole having a twin thing:) Don't have that.

<3 sarasophia