Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Epic Pet Wars

I don't know if you've heard of this game, but it's huge on Facebook and iPhone. It's called Epic Pet Wars - you choose a pet and you battle other pets! The characters are ridiculously cute and I had the pleasure to recreate some of them into plushes - a dream, isn't it? I've made a few earlier but was comissioned to create the Moost character just recently. Here they are!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I've been feeling a little down today because my fiance is on a business trip until Saturday - I try to keep busy whenever he goes away but nothing can fill the hours with happiness when he's around. To make things worse, we're getting my ring resized so it doesn't twist around my finger and that won't be ready until Saturday...I really miss wearing it. It brings comfort to me and makes me smile whenever I look at it - it reminds me of my sweetie...

So I've been busy at work - finished an order of plushes, which I will post later...but for now, feast your eyes on this little egg I made today! I've always had a fixation on eggs since I was little...I think I eat an egg everyday!

Monday, June 8, 2009

big news!

So what is the big news? I got engaged over the weekend! We've been talking about the next steps in our relationship for so long so I knew it was coming but I certainly wasn't prepared for the surprise of my life! It was so beautiful - I can't put all the emotions and happiness into words. My fiance (wow! I'm not used to saying that!) and I went to have a lovely dinner at Le Colonial, a beautiful Vietnamese restaurant and later was surprised by getting picked up by a Maserati that waited for us after we finished! (This is when I started to get VERY confused and knew something big was going to happen) The driver brought us to the Fairmont Heritage Place, which is right in Ghiradelli Square and there we made s'mores at the outdoor fireplace on the rooftop terrace...the view couldn't have been more picturesque - absolutely no fog and the sun was setting on the horizon. My love then brought me to the canopy and it was there that he asked me to marry him...my reaction was first shock followed by crying! I somehow managed to say YES through it all! I love him so much...thank you for letting me into your life...