Thursday, November 18, 2010

japan pictures!!

Here they are at last, pictures from my Japan trip back in mid-July!! These are just a little glimpse of what there was and a tiny portion of the hundreds of pictures taken. Please enjoy :)

We went to a gigantic fabric store, most of them that I visited would have these entire batches of sample fabrics that were so neatly folded. This was perfect to just have a tiny piece of the hundreds of beautiful fabrics available...I spend the most money on these samples!! It's not surprising that I spent the most time looking through fabrics for hours (good thing my friends that came with me love fabric too!)
Here are just a few pictures of the pretty textiles:

My friend Ayako and me!! Here we pose in the hotel lobby (so pretty!!)

Ayako and I went to the official pastry bakery for Totoro cream puffs!! They were amazing; they were so meticulously crafted and filled with either vanilla, chocolate, or peach!!

There was an adorable housewares shop closeby to our hotel - there were so many beautiful teapots, bowl, you name it!! Here are some adorable owl porcelain figurines :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I've been back for a while - just lazy :P

wow...I am so terrible at blogging these days! I suppose I will start off with how the Japan trip went: AMAZING!! I've never been to a place where people are so nice...everyone was extremely helpful if we were lost and needed to get somewhere important (like a ramen house!) The streets are all so clean and the subway is impeccable!!! All of Tokyo is connected through sufficient underground trains and it was so incredibly quick to get from one end to the other. But one thing that completely put me in heaven were all the OWLS...owls are very popular in Japan and have been for quite some time, so I came back with a suitcase full of owl goods. And to top it off, I got to see a REAL-LIFE owl!! It was for sale (you can have one as a pet!) for about $4,000 USD or something to that pricepoint. If I were able to own an owl in the states and have the money (more of the money part) than I would have got it! I will add the pictures a little later when I've got more time on my hands. I'm going to be in crazy-woman-production-mode until the weeks prior to Christmas. I'll be taking part in a small fundraiser on Dec. 5, then will be in the BizBaz and Renegade Holiday shows! Knowing that I'll be so burnt out and need a month to recuperate doesn't sound that much fun but it'll be all worth it :) Details up soon!!