Wednesday, November 25, 2009

tiny curtains

I think I've hit a creative block (hate it when that happens) and it's got me so frustrated, especially with the holidays coming up. I'm trying to come up with "holiday" designs but I'm really not into that - I like "year round" designs :)

Anyway, I was digging through some of my mom's old fabrics and stumbled across the cutest print of pink and orange leaves - looks so vintage and so yummy! My big project now that my fiance and I moved into "our" place, is to make curtains for all the windows. So, I decided that the print would be perfect for the small window in our kitchen. Here are a couple pictures - I apologize for the photo quality (taken by iphone) My sweetie left for Korea yesterday morning on business and took my camera. He'll be missing Thanksgiving and I miss him so much already...guess it's time for me to be productive :o)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

hoot hoot!

Call me a little obsessed, but I really do love owls - and to prove that, here's a picture of the crochet owl rug in my home! If you're interested in purchasing a wonderfully made rug, check out peanutbutterdynamite on etsy - you can request a custom order too! Doesn't that sound downright appealing?! :o)

I'm going to add along this picture of the an owl ornament I received from a friend from Germany - aren't the owls just sweet? I have it hanging on our bedroom doorknob :)

If you're ever in San Francisco, give me a ring and we can talk about owls while we read or knit! (I've picked up knitting recently and can't seem to stop...)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

crochet owl rug

I know I've been quite MIA from blogging lately, but this is something I NEED to share! I was checking out my etsy and came across the handpicked items which featured everything with owls - I LOVE owls :o) There was a crocheted owl rug by the lovely peanutbutterdynamite that caught my eye instantly and I knew I needed to have it so I purchased it before someone else could snatch it! I can't tell you how excited I am to receive it and I'm having so much fun visualizing it in our new place :)