Thursday, November 18, 2010

japan pictures!!

Here they are at last, pictures from my Japan trip back in mid-July!! These are just a little glimpse of what there was and a tiny portion of the hundreds of pictures taken. Please enjoy :)

We went to a gigantic fabric store, most of them that I visited would have these entire batches of sample fabrics that were so neatly folded. This was perfect to just have a tiny piece of the hundreds of beautiful fabrics available...I spend the most money on these samples!! It's not surprising that I spent the most time looking through fabrics for hours (good thing my friends that came with me love fabric too!)
Here are just a few pictures of the pretty textiles:

My friend Ayako and me!! Here we pose in the hotel lobby (so pretty!!)

Ayako and I went to the official pastry bakery for Totoro cream puffs!! They were amazing; they were so meticulously crafted and filled with either vanilla, chocolate, or peach!!

There was an adorable housewares shop closeby to our hotel - there were so many beautiful teapots, bowl, you name it!! Here are some adorable owl porcelain figurines :)

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Wendy said...

oh my.. i would've gone crazy with the fabric as well! and those totoro cream puffs are awesome. i love totoro :)