Thursday, June 18, 2009


I've been feeling a little down today because my fiance is on a business trip until Saturday - I try to keep busy whenever he goes away but nothing can fill the hours with happiness when he's around. To make things worse, we're getting my ring resized so it doesn't twist around my finger and that won't be ready until Saturday...I really miss wearing it. It brings comfort to me and makes me smile whenever I look at it - it reminds me of my sweetie...

So I've been busy at work - finished an order of plushes, which I will post later...but for now, feast your eyes on this little egg I made today! I've always had a fixation on eggs since I was little...I think I eat an egg everyday!

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Yuka said... sweet! I don't even remember when was the last time I missed my husband. LOL

(Well, we've been married for 6 years!)

I think you two will be such a cute and sweet husband and wife. Do you already have the ring? I can't wait to see your ring too!