Monday, April 20, 2009

weekend getaway

MESA grill: spicy chicken - sweet potato hash with poached eggs and hollandaise

NOBU: yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno

NOBU: almond cake with edamame ice cream

entrance of Zumanity show

My boyfriend and I decided to go to Las Vegas for the weekend since he had to be there for business. It was nice to have some time to detach from our daily lives especially since work has been hectic lately. We didn't gamble or drink but still managed to have a wonderful time! Aside from taking strolls on the strip and listening to drunk people, we indulged in fine dining and watched the Cirque de Soleil show Zumanity =)


Gerisa said...

WOW! How fun that your honey and you had the chance to relax for the weekend :) You take such lovely pictures!

Little Miss Pepperberry said...

I LOVE Las Vegas, in all its tacky, shiny glory! I've been there twice now (I'm from Australia) and I can't get enough of it. Did you like Zumanity? I don't know if she was still in it, but the lady who did hula hoops whilst doing aerial straps was just incredible. And hey, nice blog!

Karin said...

omg YUM! I love that you can just decide to pop in to Las Vegas!