Tuesday, March 10, 2009

sweet treats

Today I got to catch up with my good friend, Gerisa, who I met while studying at AAU. When we met for lunch, she presented me with homemade goodies - espresso macaroons and truffles! I couldn't have been more touched...she's a real sweetie. =)

After having ramen at Katana-ya, Gerisa brought me to her favorite snack place - the frozen yogurt shop, YoCup - the place is so cute and the staff couldn't be more friendly and sweet! Oh, and the frozen yogurt is very yummy =) Here's what Gerisa and I got to fulfill our healthy snack craving:

1 comment:

Gerisa said...

Aw! I'm glad you enjoyed my treats. It makes sense: sweet treats for a sweet friend :) Let's make it a resolution to see more of each other!